Welcome Aboard!

Hi everyone!
Okay so I really don’t know how to start a blog, but maybe you would never even come to know about it as I might not even publish it ever. Post it online I mean.

See, my idea of blogging is based upon the fact that I’m writing it for myself. I would really want my future self to read all of this when I am 70ish something ( only if I live that longer considering the never ending covid waves) so that I could laugh at my anecdotes and realize how stupid I was in my twenties. Stupid or wild, confident or laid back, adventurous or a book worm.
Basically I want to write about how my life is. Frankly I think it’s quite interesting and boring at the same time. There’s a lot of shit that keeps on coming in my tiny brain of 1400cc capacity with an overfunctional amygdala and emotions oozing out and I want to write it all.
To be very honest even when I have started to write this, I won’t deny the fact that the thought of actually publishing my life and rant as a diary of common medical student in an Indian setup with a glorified sarcastic title has come across my mind  and I have already imagined myself as the next Chetan Bhagat amongst the Indian novelists who ruined their perfect careers for writing.
So by now you would have gotten a faint idea that my thought process works bongers and that is why I want to write it all. So yes, welcome aboard guys! Maybe you could share a laugh or two with me or probably laugh at me or just feel cringed out and disgusted but I probably  won’t ever post this online. So fuck it, I’m still writing this.

I am a second year medical student right now, better to call it as just another slave of the Indian educational system who had to choose between biology and mathematics amongst the science stream in high school and finally chose biology, left with no option but to be a doctor. Because that was the only glorious enough job for a kid raised up in an upper middle class family setup. And for this my parents are spending their huge ass savings and hard earned money on my not so easy degree. Basically a mere graduation degree because again, their scholar daughter who had excelled throughout her childhood and teens in academics couldn’t really get a free government seat. But nevermind, I have made peace with this fact now. So coming back to my point where I started, I am a second year MBBS student (yes, capitalizing it was necessary). Here I will rant about how busy my life is and at the time you will still find me writing shit, taking out time from my clinical postings because guys, let me be clear, I know it all already. I’m a doctor already, and don’t need to study anymore you know.

And as I end up this first so called blog of mine which I won’t even post online with the fear of getting judged by our not so generous generation, if I still gain the confidence and guts to do so, giving you heads up, don’t expect the use of fancy vocabulary or the perfect grammar from me (though I have been called a grammar nazi my whole life). But yes,Welcome aboard!
Your truly
I still need to think of a pen name! Fancy it should be!

One thought on “Welcome Aboard!

  1. Hi ,sweet, beginner blog writer ,”welcome to world of writing.”
    Always try to write freely n bodly ,whatever u want express to this world. This world is all urs , once u have achieved ur targets..so why these fears n hesitations .


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